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Category: Tunes

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  altercation [Maxipoint] 
Description: [hardcore] 210/420bpm
Filesize: 9.50 MB
Added on: 08-Sep-2016 Downloads: 376

  alphaville-v2.0 [Maxipoint] 
Description: industrial noize
Filesize: 16.83 MB
Added on: 03-Sep-2016 Downloads: 357

  The Mad Revisionist [Kid Corrupt]  Popular
Description: Taster track for the Blavkened Tekno archive.

Filesize: 19.34 MB
Added on: 15-Jul-2015 Downloads: 546

  Blavkened Tekno (zip file) [Kid Corrupt]  Popular
Description: Blavkend Tekno is a 8 stone megalithic archive of an age in time that was set in the future. Each sonic blast is an epitaph to archetypal belief systems that shackled the plagued mind of its barer. Be careful how you use themů be extra careful!


The Mad Revisionist
182.5 BPM Kid Corrupt tackling disinformation on this 10 minute auditory hallucination designed for the purpose of mind hacking. The track that originally inspired the 36 track/various artist release of Splatterkore SKFREE044 'Cross-Dimensional Contamination'. Covering Abstract styles of Hardcore, Speedcore & Acid.

Dark Rift
237 BPM Written in the depths of the Frisian province of Netherlands through a cathode ray tube TV. Track was inspired by and later played at various sabbaths around Europe and Russia.

187/374 BPM One of the tracks that inspired the various artist release of Splatterkore SKFREE062 'Prisms Of Imagination' 15 piece devotion to H.P. Lovecraft and Hardcore.

The Future Ain't Bright
228 BPM Written through the same TV (yeah, the cathode ray tube one!) somewhere in the depths of the Frisian province of Netherlands. Played later at various sabbaths around Europe and Russia.

Drugs And Sluts
400 BPM Blackened Speedcore played to various factions around Europe and Russia.

Sodom Sacrifice
236 BPM Futuristic Speedcore Punk Rebellion.

472 BPM Progressive Industrial Breakcore / Blackened Speedcore. Inspired by Boethius' look at mutability with change being the only real consistency.

Black Easter
182.5 BPM Originally written by "The Evil Warlock of Baal Adramelch & "Grim Frost Black Toes"" in Newcastle Upon-Tyne, later hacked up and reincarnated in a vicious manor in the Sickroom, Merseyside, UK and ritualised around many parties around Europe and Russia. All lyrics by The Evil Warlock of Baal Adramelch.

Foreword Kid Corrupt.


Filesize: 82.86 MB
Added on: 15-Jul-2015 Downloads: 566

  Amigacore (zip file) [Kid Corrupt] 
Description: .

Filesize: 37.15 MB
Added on: 15-Jul-2015 Downloads: 470

  Cuntivation (zip file) [Kid Corrupt] 
Description: 3 track EP, including 2 heavy Speedcore tracks, one on the sonic spectrum of aural artillery and the other more straight up kick drum Speedcore with surreal atmospherics. Engineered for total speaker and brain annihilation.

N1TE Error
Description: Intro to the horror show.

Description: 205 / 410 / 820 BPM of of demented Broken Speedcore. Track has been blasted out wherever necessary since assembly in 2006.

Description: 220 BPM Strange Speedcore, Samples taken from Nurses With Knives. Heavily influenced from direct experiences with life threatening sleep paralysis.

Filesize: 19.95 MB
Added on: 15-Jul-2015 Downloads: 487

  l'attaque des 1000 poings [A999C]  Popular
Description: hokuto no ken tribute
Filesize: 117.19 Kb
Added on: 29-Jun-2015 Downloads: 502

  Darker day [A999C]  Popular
Description: spacey extratone
Filesize: 71.53 MB
Added on: 12-Jul-2014 Downloads: 623

  Enthropy [A999C]  Popular
Description: dark extratone with pure "beat massacre"

Filesize: 7.72 MB
Added on: 07-Jun-2014 Downloads: 624

  Darkanoid [A999C]  Popular
Description: industrial hardcore track

Filesize: 6.58 MB
Added on: 07-Jun-2014 Downloads: 576

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