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  Dislasystem - City of Dis  Popular
Description: Here is the whole album on a zip file, it includes artworks and all. As usual, you can reproduce and spread in your own suburb or space. Copyleft. >> Dis is the City of the Dead (it.: La cittą infuocata di Dite, The burning city of Dis). It is located in the Fifth Circle of Hell. The walls of Dis are guarded by fallen angels and the Erinyes. The buildings of Dis which are mentioned are Mosques and furnaces. Dis is extremely hot, and contains areas more closely resembling the common modern depictions of Hell than the upper levels. Punished within Dis are those whose lives were marked by active (rather than passive) sins: heretics, murderers, suicides, blasphemers, usurpers, sodomites, panderers, seducers, flatterers, Simoniacs, sorcerers, barrators, hypocrites, thieves, false counsellors, schismatics, falsifiers and traitors. Dis is used by Dante as both the name of Satan and his realm. Dis is also mentioned in the sixth book of Virgil's "Aeneid", one of the principal influences on Dante in his depiction of hell. The city of Dis is encountered not long after Aeneas and the Sibyl enter the cavern of hell. The word Dis comes from Dispater, which is Latin for the original Dies Pater ("Day Father" or "Sky Father"). Dispater was the Roman god of the underworld, later named Pluto or Hades. Virgil names the city of the dead Dis in his Aeneid, and it has since that usage become associated with the Underworld; thus, Dante calls Satan (Virgil's Pluto) Dis.
Filesize: 63.29 MB
Added on: 13-Dec-2011 Downloads: 861

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