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Operation Ubiquity is perhaps the end of an era. Since it was identified that, even though CRTX is indeed precursor in free underground music distribution that started as early as 1996-97, and even though the original character and feel of the legacy CRTX Headquarters engine is still, to date, an amusing labyrinth of free, unique and surprising art material, the modern spectrum of internet trafic (original cyber culture seemed to have been forgotten and threw away by the people) is now only revolving strictly within the avenues of pre packaged solutions such as Youtube, Soundcloud, Bancamp and so on. The people that we are targeting will not get out of their new habits without a costly re engineering process of the original headquarters, engaging ourselves in risky operation without the means of being able to engage and justify any appropriate propaganda campaign in the shape of effective advertising. In these pre packaged networks mentioned above, and that is a positive point, the traffic WILL come to us naturally without any advertising.

What we will do >>>

This operation will consist in multiplying the original database onto some already existing music platforms, Bandcamp and Soundcloud to start with as they have been identified being the most appropriate ones following to a sociological study and also data we had already gradually processed. We may consider extending to iTunes and some other platforms, depending on how time consuming this operation is to be. This is called Project Ubiquity.


I am possibly not getting oxygen and in this my arm is losing itself but also count injuries possibly a pinched nerve some place remember i have been living in deprivations for fourteen years spiritual incarceration that how i met you guys..i live under heavy controls actually against my own will.

So currently i am moving toward objectives and I am doing as the spirit world instructs many of this i live in high anxiety and i get much pain and agony to body. So..i am accustomed to pain. My arm is not pain but it is a weird experience and so i wrote about it. I later like i said was a like a death sitting on couch. i am since then all week now able to 'pass away' just go to sleep and not wake up..I have choices and can actually though even prepare myself if needed its really that laid out for me ha ha. love it!!!!. But i dont want to and its not necessary its all just learning curb for me to know my route. And I am experiencing this in a manner i am being educated in life an death. its a privileged position i am living and i have been shown much about where its all heading by this. Im strong and healthy spiritually and in good shape but have an arm that is showing me spiritual insights...........................................
.............. I know how it works i've been studying my own experiences and it also takes me into their sphere i am visiting there origins. and i am connected to the master and creator of the satanist and i am shown by himself the blueprint of the democratic systems and also the systems of the globe and how hell unfolds. .................... When the atmosphere drops and this can mean nobody right now will have a clue whats going on with half the nation. Insanity

The gods have decided to let us live. So we shall carry on.

Mayans, Egyptians, Sumerians have been trying to tell us since the beginning of our times. They were all pointing the same date with their complicated riddles.

Things are pointing toward our due to a pole shift on this planet, as it has not happened since 11,500 years. This would mean total destruction of everything due to massive tectonic activity triggering huge tidal waves, titanic earthquakes etc...

We have uploaded some books where you will find some information on what is coming and how to possibly survive. They have been written by the only credible scientist to our level.

Would you take the risk to do nothing?

Email Lord Von Zipstor if you want more information or you have more information to provide z<at>

Good luck.

Please welcome HFK and Alien.

Download their tunes from the list on the left hand side.

New CRTX17 is still under process. Stay tight.

Yeah ! We haven''t changed the survey in ages so WOT !

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